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As purveyors of unparalleled travel experiences, we never forgo an opportunity to visit the locations we suggest to you. Our unwavering commitment to firsthand exploration guarantees that we possess a unique understanding of what lies ahead, solidifying our position as the premier authorities on travel destinations

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Toni Nunes
Toni Nunes
I had a wonderful experience traveling solo from Nairobi to Amboseli National Park with Steven, my safari guide with Unique World Destinations. He was an excellent driver, patient, kind, and made the journey fun! The Land Cruiser was very clean and comfortable and the hotel they booked was also excellent. Steven was also very patient with my questions and photos of the many birds and animals. Highly recommended!
Joel Abraham Kivuva
Joel Abraham Kivuva
Wow! My recent trip to Cape Town organized by Unique World Destinations International was nothing short of spectacular! From the moment my wife and I landed till our return, we experienced memories of a life time. Lucie, meticulously curated an trip perfectly balanced adventure and relaxation. The breathtaking views of Lion's Head and the vibrant culture of Cape Town left me in awe. Her recommendation and deal for accommodation at Winelands Villa and Cottages was out of the ordinary and played a big role in our special experience. The location close to Stellenbosch wine estates was an absolute delight, and the establishments hospitality enriched every moment. I cannot thank Unique World Destinations International enough for their professionalism, attention to detail, and dedication to ensuring a truly unforgettable experience. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a seamless, tailor-made travel experience. Kudos to the fantastic team. Joel Kivuva, Nairobi, Kenya.
Diana Otticha
Diana Otticha
Unique World Destinations are the Best! They helped us organise a very successful international conference in Nairobi..Always grateful for that. 🙏
Christine Maina
Christine Maina
Amazing . Was amazing booking our trip to Dubai . Great itinerary. . Thank you Luch . We need another holiday
Elizabeth Wangeci
Elizabeth Wangeci
Great service and meticulous service offered.My family and I are grateful
Angela Otticha
Angela Otticha
You organised for us a fantastic trip from start to finish, your cuatomer service was top-notch! Keep it up!
keziah wainaina
keziah wainaina
Excellent services

Packages We Offer


Savor the extraordinary on our cruises, where waking up to breakfast on your private balcony offers breathtaking views of the Greek Isles or Alaskan glaciers. Promising unforgettable moments and crafting lifelong memories.


Experience the enchanting beauty of Kenya with our carefully crafted packages. From thrilling safaris to cultural immersions, each journey promises an unforgettable adventure amidst breathtaking landscapes and rich wildlife.


Discover Dubai's allure with our exclusive packages. Whether it's a stopover, a family Easter celebration, sizzling adventures, thrilling experiences, or budget-friendly deals, we have your Dubai dream covered.

South Africa

From the breathtaking landscapes to cultural wonders, each experience is designed to capture the essence of this vibrant country. Explore Cape Town with our curated packages, creating memories that last a lifetime.


From the historic charm of Istanbul to the scenic wonders of Cappadocia, uncover the treasures of Turkey with our exclusive packages, where every moment becomes a chapter in your travel story.

Vacation Rentals

Whether you’re a solo traveler, a couple seeking a romantic getaway, or a family in search of adventure, we have the perfect vacation rental for you. Join us on your journey as we explore Kenya and discover the joys of homestay travel.

Experienced Guides

We are blessed to have exceptional guides who possess unparalleled knowledge of these destinations. With utmost safety, they will transport you to and from every destination with ease, all while entertaining you with fascinating anecdotes about the land and its inhabitants. Their exceptional track record is evident from the consistently glowing feedback they receive, and our repeat clients specifically ask for their guidance time and time again!

Destination Specialists

We possess an intimate knowledge of these nations and their interconnectivity, having traversed their terrain by land, air, and sea. Each destination and lodge have been personally experienced by our team, affording us a comprehensive understanding of everything from the preparation of your morning eggs to the fluffiness of your pillows.

Competitive Pricing

Our enduring affiliations with various suppliers afford us the unique ability to provide unparalleled pricing, tailor-made packages, and seamless logistics, ensuring your access to only the highest quality, and most cost-effective products.

Guaranteed Adventure

Our handpicked resorts, coupled with a one-of-a-kind location and thrilling activities, guarantees a truly unforgettable adventure Take your pick from an array of exhilarating experiences such as kayaking, scuba diving, bungee jumping, helicopter rides, gorge swings, hot air balloon rides, snorkeling, water skiing, sailing, fishing, bird watching, hiking, biking, swimming or simply lounging around and unwinding.

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Embark on a journey tailored just for you! Discover the world’s hidden gems with our personalized travel experiences and elevate your adventures by booking a free personal consultation today at a day and time of your convinience.

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